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Shades Of Grey Lyrics
By Church Of Rhythm

Artist: Church Of Rhythm
Album: Not Perfect
Date: 1997
Title: Shades Of Grey


I know the wrong, I know the right
I see the black, I see the white
But when it's not so cut and dried, oh no
How do I seek to mediate,
Freedom afforded in Your grace
And my responsibility to a loving God's relationship with me
I know I'm covered when I stumble
I know You catch me when I fall
But I don't want to justify just cause You cover all

'Shades of gray shroud the narrow way
Blurring black and white into just the same
Oh, but in my heart there's a morningstar
Help me light my way through these shades of gray

Imperfection thrives in me, a deep struggle constantly
With lust and worry, greed and pride
They haunt me inside
So open up my eyes to see
Subtle hues that threaten me
And try to dim the brilliant glow
To keep me from a world that needs to know
Am I a stone that makes them stumble
Am I a rock that makes them fall
Cause I just want to be a light to shine You to them alll

It's black and white
All the lonely people,
all the needy people,
all the hurting people
Got to show them the way,
won't You help me be a man of God

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