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Love Is Waiting Lyrics
By Cindy Morgan

Artist: Cindy Morgan
Album: Elementary
Date: 2001
Song: Love Is Waiting


Sit back in your easy chair
Let's talk for a while oh yeah
I know your world is spinning fast
I hope you'll spare me the time
How long have you been velveteen
Tell me, wouldn't you like to be real
Oh yeah
So let down all those ivory walls
Oh and show me how you feel

Love is waiting
Love is waiting
Love is waiting
For You
Waiting for you

I just know what your daddy taught you
Emotion is weak
But we're all just made
Of flesh and blood
And a heart that needs to speak
How often have you run away
Tell me what's strong about that?
So dig out your old fighting gloves
Before you throw in the hat


I know it's a risk
But I know you're brave
Into the new frontier
Of a sunny place
Out on a limb
That's likely to sway

Waiting for you

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