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Break Free Lyrics
By David Phelps

Artist: David Phelps
Album: Revelation
Date: 2004
Title: Break Free


Forget what you've heard about Jesus
If it doesn't begin and end with love.
Did you know that you are the reason
He decided that He had to come
He doesn't care about what's in your past
So whatever it is that's holding you back.

Break free, break free
Loose the chains that have held you tight.
Break free, break free
Cleanse all your shame in love's healing tide
Of mercy, sweet mercy, break free.

There is no law that can save us.
No way to find redemption on our own.
Jesus stepped in and forgave us.
So no one has the right to throw a stone.
Release the guilt you've been holding inside.
Step out of the darkness and into the light.


There is a pardon when all hope is gone
And freedom from everything you've done wrong.


Break free from the chains that bind you.
Break free, leave them all behind you.
Break free, let the love of Jesus find you.


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