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Medication Lyrics
By Derek Webb

Artist: David Webb
Album: I See Things Upside Down
Date: 2004
Title: Medication


Don't lie to me
tell me something true
'cause i'm only free
when i look at you

and you look so good it hurts
and love, i come undone

but i donít want medication
just give me liberation
even if it cuts my legs right out from underneath
donít give me medication
i want the real sensation
even when living feels just like death to me

don't paint my face
i need to see the scars
so i don't forget
the back of my tutor's arm

'cause i just can't keep it straight
which kills and which one saves


Ďcause the truth is i need you just like the air i breathe
just like a freight train needs the tracks beneath
so iíd rather suffer my whole life and be this rich manís wife
if loving you means suffering


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