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This Good Day Song Lyrics
By Fernando Ortega

Artist: Fernando Ortega
Album: Home
Date: 2002
Title: This Good Day

Album tracks :   

  • This Good Day
  • Old Girl
  • Lonely Road
  • On the Line
  • Pass Me Not
  • No One Else
  • Virginia Rose
  • Prayer for Home
  • Beyond the Sky
  • Winter Song
  • Give Me Jesus

Morning sun
and morning glories
pouring down the hill,
through my window
I can feel the ocean breeze

Noisy sparrows
fill the oak trees
swallows can't stay still,
and in the glad commotion
Lord, you speak to me

If rain clouds come
or the cold winds blow
You're the one
who goes before me
and in my heart I know

This good day
it is a gift from You
The world is turning in its place
because You made it to
I lift my voice
to sing a song of praise
on this good day

I will walk
to Woodman's Cove
the fishing boats are leaving
seagulls follow
just above the water

I will wait until the sunset
brings them home again,
rigging lines and anchors
in the harbor.

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