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Itís You Lyrics

Artist: FFH
Album: Voice From Home
Date: 2005
Title: Itís You


You donít have wear designer clothes Unless you want to I donít care what kind of car you drive It wonít define you I look past the surface, the glitter, and gold To the place that really matters to your soul Itís you, Iím in love with Itís you, I want most When it all comes down Itís not what you do Itís you You donít need to be perfect all the time But you still try too You donít have to conquer the whole world Iíll do it for you Itís not about how hard you work or who youíre trying to be But what I care the most about is that you see Itís your smile Itís your laugh Itís the look that you have Every time you believe Designer clothes or fancy car I want you the way you are You donít have to work it out Thatís not what Iím all about

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