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Crystal Clear Lyrics
Jaci Velasquez

Artist: Jaci Velasquez
Album: Crystal Clear
Date: 2002
Title: Crystal Clear


When Iím a sparrow in winter, you are a seed I find
When Iím a heart with a splinter, your blood keeps me alive
If I could call you a color, youíd be the deepest of blues
If I had my pleasure of anything,
youíd be the one that Iíd choose

Now itís crystal clear Iím falling for you
Now that I can see the mysteryís revealed
Now Iím coming clean
I can feel my fears released
Now itís crystal clear Iím falling for you

Iím soft like clay
Your hands they mold
For you, I would run away
Just to hear you calling out my name

Repeat chorus

Iím broken and empty
Without you, Iím blinded
I need you,
I need you near me, I need you near me

Repeat chorus

Please catch me, Iím falling for you...

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