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Jaci Velasquez You Lyrics

Artist: Jaci Velasquez
Album: Jaci Velasquez
Date: 2002
Title: You


Who makes
The sun light up my shadows
When the darkness tries to follow me
Who makes
The air that brings me life
So I can breathe the love that's given to me


You make everything good
Everything wonderful
You grace my days
And heaven fills my view
Let's forever sing
You make everything pure
Everything beautiful

You make me see the only thing thatís true
It's you
Who makes
The waters of my sorrow part
And leads the gladness into my heart
Who makes
The rivers run that wash away
And clean my soul to make a new start
You hung the moon
You placed the stars that shine your love for me
I hope all that I do
Will show reflections of you

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