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Child of Eden Lyrics
By Joy Williams

Artist: Joy Williams
Album: Genesis
Date: 2005
Title: Child of Eden


Eden was perfection
A beautiful dream
There was no pretending
Everything was as it seemed
But she took the lust for life
Delivered it to man
Caving into the lies
All the hiding began
That's part, part of who I am

Chorus: I'm a child of Eden
I'm a child of Eden, I have been
But I won't look back
It's just my past
The story doesn't end
For this child of Eden

I've had Eve's eyes
Of jealousy and shame
And Adam's dispostion
To worry and to blame
But I've had days when
I found more in me
Forgiveness and mercy
And I was truly free
I know, I know that's who I am

Don't let me forget where I was without You
Don't let me forget the pain that You went through
Don't let me forget that I became Yours
When you spread out Your arms for me

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