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Dance With Me Lyrics
By Jump5

Artist: Jump5
Album: The Very Best of Jump5
Date: 2005
Title: Dance With Me


Come on, come on, come on, hey, hey
Come on and dance with me, hey, hey, hey

I'll tell ya something you gotta know is true
From the first moment I layed eyes on you
Saw something special, saw something I need
Something so perfect it's hard to believe

Some things in life you know you just can't explain
The rest you just don't need to know

Come on and dance with me
Dance with me tonight
We're gonna bring the house down
Until the daylight
So give me a reason, give me a sign
Let's get this party started
Come on and dance with me tonight

With just a smile you can make my knees weak
Forget my name and the day of the week
You make me crazy, the things you do
My head is spinning with thoughts of you


Now here he comes, he's walking over to me
Is it real or is it fantasy?


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