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He'll Never Leave Me Lyrics
By Kathy Troccoli

Artist: Kathy Troccoli
Album: Love And Mercy
Date: 1997
Title: He'll Never Leave Me

Album tracks :   


I've let Him down before
Broken His heart don't know what for
And yet to me He's still the same
He's faithful and He'll never change
And I know He'll never take his love away

He'll never leave me
I know how much He loves me
He'll always stand beside me
Even when I fall
He'll be there to defend me
When I'm wrong forgive me

He'll never hold my past against me
But He'll be there when I call
I'll never be lonely
When the nights get long He'll hold me
He promised He'd be with me
And that's how I know

He will never leave me
He will never leave me
I found Him to be a friend
Time after time and then again
I know the seasons may come and go
But his love's like a river it always flows
So I know He'll never turn and walk away

Repeat chorus

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