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Reason Lyrics
By LaRue

Artist: LaRue
Album: LaRue
Date: 2000
Title: Reason


The world is turning in front of me and sometimes it's hard for me to let go
My flesh begins to rise and then I find out there's things I don't know
I'm standing here but no one cares, I'm crying out but no one is there
And I am me but who am I and will I ever find the reason (for life)

But I see you there, Your arms around me, Your arms around me
And I have no fear, You're all around me, You're all around me
You're all around

On this earth people live and die, wondering why (I wonder why)
They go through life feeling lost, never knowing who paid the cost
Lord give me the strength to find the faith in this world
Help them to see the light in me, even though I'm so afraid (of it all)


And I am so afraid, then I remember the price You paid

CHORUS (w/ Phil singing 1st verse)


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