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Friend for Life Lyrics
By Margaret Becker

Artist: Margaret Becker
Album: What Kind of Love
Date: 1999
Title: Friend for Life

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You called me up today
tangled in your tears
all tied up and twisting
I told you sit and wait
that I would be right there
with a heart and soul to listen
don't want to see you down
and you know no matter what you do
I'll always be around
all I got to say-all I got to say

I want to be the one to tell you
to tell it like it is
to let you know the God of love
will never leave your side
I want to be the one to lead you
with everything I am
and see the day when you let Him in
and make a friend for life

You're telling me your heart
is in pieces on the wind
and you've been cast away again
I see it in your eyes
the haunted look of loss
that comes when dreams meet their end
I don't want to force you to have faith
and you know no matter what you do
I'm gonna love you any way
all I've got to say-all I've got to say

And the only thing that matters
Is you know you're not alone
'Cause love will stay here with you
Long after I'm gone

Close your eyes

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