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First Class Wrong Flight Lyrics
By Mark Lowry

Artist: Mark Lowry
Title: First Class Wrong Flight


Had to catch a plane for Nashville and was running oh so late.
Checked my luggage at the curb and prayed the plane would wait.
I looked like OJ Simpson racing towards gate 3
The pilot turned the engines on and I yelled "wait for me!"

The flight was overbooked and there was someone in my seat
So they put up in first class where they get real food to eat.
I buckled up, we took off, things turned out after all
Till the pilot said "welcome to our flight to Omaha"

(First class), wrong flight, what a situation (what a situation)
First class, wrong flight, shoulda checked the destination.

I sat there twenty minutes just deciding what to do.
Guess I could take up sky diving, or hijack all the crew.
I thought why should I sweat it? I'll eat my steak and smile
It's not important where I go, I'm going there in style!


Style and comfort may be grand
But it's important where you land
Make sure the way you choose is right.

Well I won't be eating peanuts or hearing some kid cry,
I'll have a lot of leg room, it's the only way to fly!
I'll get the royal treatment, those in coach will envy me
But when we touchdown they'll all be where they wanna be!

(chorus X2)

Always check the destination!

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