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The Lamb Is Lion Lyrics
By Michael Card

Artist: Michael Card
Album: The Life
Date: 1988
Title: The Lamb Is Lion


Mark 11:12-18 & Luke 19:45-47
Weak from the journey, the long travelling days
Hungry to worship, to join in the praise
Shock mad with anger that burned on His face
As He entered the wasteland of that barren place

And the Lamb is a Lion who's roaring with rage
At the empty religion that's filling their days
They'll flee from the hug
Of the Carpenter's strong arm
And come to know the scourging anger of the Lord
Priests and the merchants demanded some proof
For their hearts were hardened and blind to the Truth
But Satan's own law is to sell and to buy
But God's only way is to give and to die

The noise and confusion gave way to His word
At last sacred silence so God could be heard

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