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Immortal Lyrics
By Michelle Tumes

Artist: Michelle Tumes
Album: Center of My Universe
Date: 2000
Title: Immortal

Album tracks :   


I walk, my soul is flying;
I cry, but I'm rejoicing;
I hunger, You're edifying;
Bathed in light I roam this life
'Til time takes me home...

Immortal, immortal,
Forever I will live;
Immortal, immortal, immortal.

I talk, my heart is singing;
I kneel, and I'm ascending;
I'm wounded, but You are healing;
Earth is bright through Holy eyes
That search from above...

And my spirit's leaping straight to the gates of heaven, where I belong;
My feet have journeyed longing to reach my home...
I'll be safely home.
I'll be safely home...


I travel every single day
in search...(?)

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