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Let Me Go Lyrics
By Nicole C. Mullen

Artist: Nicole C. Mullen
Album: Talk About It
Date: 2001
Title: Let Me Go


Let Me Go

See I can still remember when
You said you were my only friend
Yeah Mr. Fear you captured me
I was blinded and couldn't see
That real love was bound to come
And confront what I was running from
(He) opened up my eyes and let me know
That I don't need you no mo'

Let me go, oh let me go
Yeah let me go
Oh let me go, go

Time to time I must remind you
That we're not tight the way we used to
Before you tell me what you came for
Turn and walk out that door
Mr. Love now resides here
He's strong enough to cast out fear
And since I don't belong to you no more
Take your hand off my shoulder


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