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Like A Kite Lyrics
By Plus One

Artist: Plus One
Album: Exodus
Date: 2003
Title: Like A Kite


Iím coming back
I traveled far
And now that Iíve lost my map
Iím searching for the start

I wanna feel you deeper
I sailed a lonely sea
Just like an aimless drifter
I sailed the lonely sea

Iím coming back
Your arm my legs to race
And now that Iím on your side
Thereís nothing we canít face

Iím coming back
Iím coming back for good
And now that Iíve froze my eyes
Iíll stay to the end of the world

Oh my heart, Oh my soul
They are shifting towards you now
On my way I found gold
In a book, through a storm
And light is all I see
A blazing trinity

I made you cry
You were as lonely as I
But you held me like a kite
Right by your side

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