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Love Like No Other Lyrics
By Point Of Grace

Artist: Point Of Grace
Album: 24
Date: 2003
Song: Love Like No Other


Who would've known
This heart would stumble on someone
As great as You
Out of the blue
Who would've guessed
That I would fall so deep
In a hope as true
As the one I found in You
Heaven's hands
Lead me to faith's open door
I'm surrounded by a grace
This soul can't ignore


Lord, I'm living in a world like no other
Lost in mercy like I've never known
Lord, I'm trusting in a love like no other
To lead me on

Who would've cared
Enough to reach beyond my thin disguise
To heal my life
Who would've dared
To wear the shame I carried deep inside
To be my sacrifice
Saving me
From myself in the nick of time
Forgiveness found
Its way into this heart of mine


You embrace all that I am
It's beyond all reason
It's a love I'll never understand


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