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While the Mations Rage Lyrics
By Rich Mullins

Artist: Rich Mullins
Album: Songs
Date: 1998
Song: While the Mations Rage


Why do the nations rage?
Why do they plot and scheme?
Their bullets can't stop the prayers we pray
In the name of the Prince of Peace
We walk in faith and remember long ago
How they killed Him and then how on the third day He arose
Well, things may look bad
And things may look grim
But all these things must
pass except the things that are of Him

Where are the nails that pierced His hands?
Well the nails have turned to rust
But behold the Man
He is risen
And He reigns
In the hearts of the children
Rising up in His name
Where are the thorns that drew His blood?
Well, the thorns have turned to dust
But not so the love
He has given
No, it remains
In the hearts of the children
Who will love while the nations rage

The Lord in Heaven laughs
He knows what is to come
While all the chiefs of state
Plan their big attacks
Against His anointed One
The Church of God she will not bend her knees
To the gods of this world
Though they promise her peace
She stands her ground
Stands firm on the Rock
Watch their walls tumble down
When she lives out His love


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