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Bible Story Lyrics
By Scott Krippayne

Artist: Scott Krippayne
Album: It Goes Like This
Date: 2003
Song: Bible Story


God always has a plan like when He used a man
To show the people what faith was for
David knew it from the start, God was dealing with his heart
An opportunity was knocking at his door
Now he's the reason why we say and use that old clichť
The bigger they come the harder they fall
Cause with five rocks and a little slingshot
Goliath wasnít so big after all

Stand up stand up
You donít have to be afraid
He will give you courage
He will give you strength
Put your faith in God
And I promise if you do
He will make a bible story out of you

Daniel didnít give up when they threw him in the den
Of lions that had quite an appetite
The king woke up and found God had sent an angel down
To turn those lions into cats that couldnít bite
And everybody knows how the story goes
A man was called to set God's people free
Underneath the desert sun with nowhere left to run
That's when Moses parted the sea


You donít have to be perfect
He can use you wherever you are
All it takes is a little faith
And a willing heart

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