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Sad Song Lyrics
By Shaun Groves

Artist: Shaun Groves
Album: White Flag
Date: 2005
Song: Sad Song


There’s always music in my mind
Orchestrations for my life
Oh this symphony sometimes
Plays like a sad song, sad song
September morning on my couch
Trembling hand across my mouth
Watching life go down in flames
I sang a sad song, sad song

Can you hear the old broken melody
Blowing through the trees of Eden
Out across the heart of all humanity
Such a sad song, sad song

Now the sun sets on the sands
Bombs like rain spill over man
While orphans made of flags and steel
Cry out a sad song, sad song

Repeat Chorus

I can see the Man of Sorrows through this pain
Broken body, bloodied face
He’s crying out and making way
To end our sad song, sad song

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