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Without You Lyrics
By Shaun Groves

Artist: Shaun Groves
Album: Twilight
Date: 2003
Song: Without You


Thereís a couple laughing
At the table next to mine
The waiter keeps on asking me if Iím alright
I hate to bore him with the truth
So Iíll just lie and pretend Iím fine
Without you

Outside the cityís slowing down
Itís half past 10
Iím staring at the door
And wishing youíd walk in
But wishing isnít working now
So Iíll sleep instead
In a hotel bed without you

And Iíd rather be a pauper than a prince
Living without you, without you
And Iíd rather be a failure than famous
Living without you, without you

Seven hundred miles away
Or just one flight
Thatís all that stands between
My heart and home tonight
And Iíd walk every mile
To feel your hand in mine
Itís just no life without you
You know I donít know who I am
Without you
Iím only half a man

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