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All I Need Lyrics
By Shawn McDonald

Artist: Shawn McDonald
Album: Simply Nothing
Date: 2004
Song: All I Need


As I sit here and think
About all that Youíve done
About how You gave me Your one and only Son
And Iím trying to fathom
All that You are, but so far, Lord
Youíre so beyond me
I fall down in reverence
And I fall down in fear
And Iím asking You, Lord, wonít You please draw near
Wonít You open my eyes
So that I can see
The way that You are working in me
All I need is Your love

To come and fill this heart of mine
My heart is a desert that has gone dry
And I need Your love to carry me bye, bye, bye, bye, bye
To carry me bye, bye, bye, bye, bye
To carry me bye

And I lay down my life
And I put it before You
All that I am is in Your hands
And Iím not going to question, why Youíre so faithful
Why that You give me the blessing that You have
Let the glory be known, let the glory be shown
Lift You up unto the throne
You are my God, You are my King
To You I give, I give You everything
All that I need is Your love, my God

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