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Cherish The Treasure Lyrics
By Steve Green

Artist: Steve Green
Album: The Ultimate Collection (2006)
Album: Find Us Faithful (1991)
Song: Cherish The Treasure


I cherish the treasure
The treasure of you
Lifelong companion
I give myself to you
God has enabled me
To walk with you faithfully
And cherish the treasure
The treasure of you

As I obey the Spirit's voice
And seek to do His will
I then can see the wisdom of His plan
For as He works His will in me
I then can love you selflessly
And by His grace, can pledge my love
To you


This sacred vow I make to you
Does not contain an "if"
Though I'm aware that trials lie ahead
I will love you and pray with you
And through it all, I will stay with you
Our home will be a refuge of
Unconditional love


Cherish the treasure
The treasure of you

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