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Come Alive Lyrics
By Warren Barfield

Artist: Warren Barfield
Album: Reach
Date: 2006
Song: Come Alive


What on earth am I missing
What is it that I donít see
Is their someone somewhere out there
Crying out

Am I truly not noticing
Or just refusing to believe
Do I choose to feed my faithless self
With doubt

All of heaven is falling all around me
And I am drowning in the mystery of Your love
All the universe canít contain Your beauty
But You come alive in me
You come alive

Iím not flying on angel wings
Iím not swinging from no tree
I got love and hate and the will to change
And choose

I have a smile that You gave me
You have a love that I need
When Iím down, You know just how
To lift my mood

You bring me to life
Yeah it feels just like
Iíve been born again
For the first time, for the first time

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