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Deitrick Haddon It's Over Now Lyrics

Artist: Deitrick Haddon
Album : Crossroads
Year : 2004
Title : It's Over Now


it's over now X2
i said it's over now
it's over now

i can not explain the way i feel
i must be dreaming this can't be real
and now i know that there's a law somewhere
cuz when i called you answered my prayer

sunshine after the rain
you have taken away my pain
someway and somehow it's over now
this pain is over now

it's over now

no more tossing and turning in the middle of the night
no more feeling that something ain't right
and i don't have to walk with my head hanging down no
cuz my feet is on solid ground
oh you took my fear and gave me fame
and took away my shame and gave me grace
and you lifted my burden off my shoulder
and you didn't walk away cuz you came closer


mmm no more smiling and crying and inside
and i don't have worry cuz God's on my side
now i can love again i can breath again

whoa it's over! it's over
oh it's all i can say is oh!
it feels good to know
that the storm is over

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