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I'm Coming Out Lyrics
By Dorinda Clark Cole

Artist: Dorinda Clark Cole
Album : Dorinda Clark Cole - Live
Year : 2003
Title : I'm Coming Out

Album tracks:   


I'm coming out with my hands up.

Verse 1
Trials come to weigh me down;
it's okay I'm not gonna lose no ground.
Got the praise on my lips, word in my heart;
I don't have to worry cause I'm coming out of this.

Verse 2
All of the trials that I've been through.
It's only a test of being renewed.
Nobody knows the story behind all this glory;
I've got a right to praise Him
and I kick up my heels and I shout,

I'm, I'm coming out with my hands up

I'm coming out (3x) with my hands up.

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