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Fred Hammond Keep on Praisin' Lyrics

Artist: Fred Hammond
Album : Free To Worship
Year : 2006
Title : Keep on Praisin'


Verse 1
Looked around the week was gone (keep on)
Worked my fingers to the bone, I should've known (Keep on) That the struggle I had faced wasn't over (keep on) Drama won't leave me alone

When the world all around me gives me every reason to faint
My first and the last real defense is to stand and to say

No matter what is goin on
My God still sits upon the throne
I might get down but not for long
My praise will kee me movin on

Verse 2
Turned around I'd made it through (keep on)
Wasn't sure of how I would but the Lord knew
(Keep on) That my strength would surely fade but You'd cover (keep on)
And my joy You would renew

Channel 2
You know the enemy seeks and he roars with his plans to abuse
In the midst of his rage and his lies let us stand on the truth

Chorus/Chorus B
No matter what the circumstance
I know my life is in his hands
The storm may come but not for long
My praise will keep me movin' on

Now if I'm really honest I really gotta say
That I get somewhat discouraged when trials come my way
But this will be my choice

Vamp: Section 1
No matter what the day may bring to you, keep praisin' God
Whether up or down
Whether good or bad
Keep your praise always
No matter what the day may bring to you, keep praisin' God
Whether this or that
Just don't hold back
Keep your praise flowin'

Vamp: Section 2
Keep on/keep praisin' (repeat 5x)
Keep your praise always

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