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Kirk Franklin Caught Up Lyrics

Artist: Kirk Franklin
Album: The Rebirth Of Kirk Franklin
Year: 2002
Title: Caught Up


Caught up to meet Him
Can't waith to see Him
When He cracks the sky
Can't waith to hold Him
By his touch I will know Him
Together Jesus and I

The trumpet shall sound
We'll all be changed
We'll walk the streets of gold
One day I'm gonna behold my saviors face
I'll finaly be in that place
I'll finaly find peace for my verry soul

In a moment in a twinklin'
Oh He's gonna call my name
I'll be caught up in the twinklin' of an eye
see, these other things they don't compare
To the joy God's over there
We'll be together we're gonna get together
Jesus and I

Caught up
to see Jesus
Caught up
to see Jesus
Caught up
I will be caught up

Together Jesus and I

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