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Kirk Franklin First Love Lyrics

Artist: Kirk Franklin
Album: Hero
Year: 2005
Title: First Love


I know they hurt you
They saw you stumble but didnít help you
And now they left you
They were quick to pray but slow to move

And now youíre empty
Too tired to run, you walk away
In the night thereís a voice
If you listen He sweetly says

Come back to your first love (first love [2x])
Come back home, back where you belong
Come (to your [2x]) first love

You didnít make it
You thought your love would last forever
Ainít it funny how a chapter can make a story change
Cold and lonely, you never knew hurt could feel this way
Understand thereís a plan if youíre patient
Hear the savior say

God is able to heal if you listen
And Heíll show you His will if you listen
But you gotta be still and just listen, listen

Come back to your first love, first love [4x]
I'm back with my first love , first love [4x]

HomeÖ HomeÖ HomeÖ Iím Home [repeat]

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