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Words Of Life Lyrics
By Big Daddy Weave

Artist: Big Daddy Weave
Album: What I Was Made For
Date: 2005
Song: Words Of Life


On this hallowed ground
In this holy moment
Lord I am amazed standing in Your presence
Let my heart be still
And everything surrounding
Listen to the voice that was all creations founding

Words of Life
(Speak to me)
Words of Life
(Jesus speak)
Words of life to me

Down here on my knees
Iím broken and Iím bleeding
Longing to be free
So desperately Iím needing
You to look my way
And see this poor heart beating
You have but to say
One word will be my healing

Speak Your words of life to me
Say the words that set me free
I long to hear You, long to feel
You drawing near, Iím drawing near to You

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