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Come For Me Lyrics
By Charlie Hall

Artist: Charlie Hall
Album: Flying into Daybreak
Date: 2006
Song: Come For Me


Verse 1
Jesus come take me away, I long to see Your face
This world is broken yet beautifully made,
Jesus come take me away
Jesus I値l patiently wait, till like a vapor I値l fade
Help me fulfill all your dreams for these days,
Jesus I値l patiently wait

You値l come again with a shout,
like a thief in the night you値l come riding on clouds
Finally the voice I have followed for life
has a glorious face that is lit up with light
And you値l come for me, no more pain, peace,
No more fear, release
just lost and consumed with my glorious King,

(last cho only)
And you値l come for me

Verse 2
Jesus today I am tired, I need your music to come and inspire
I give myself to be refined in this fire,
but Jesus today I知 so tired

Come for me

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