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Run Baby Run Lyrics
By Jason Upton

Artist: Jason Upton
Album: Great River Road
Date: 2005
Song: Run Baby Run


Iíve been calling you to go to the city
Iíve been watching you every day
Now Iím paying for a one way ticket
for a ship that sails the opposite way

And you laugh and you cry
and you live and you die
cause you donít really know who you are
All alone in this world
orphan boy orphan girl
cause you donít really know who you are

Run baby run
my hands release you
baby run baby run
just as fast as you can
Run till your legs lead your heart to the real truth
Youíre my daughter my son
so run baby run baby run

Hear me laughing as you run from your calling
See me crying see me crying in the storms that rage
One way or another you will be going
To obey is such an easier way

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