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Unveil Lyrics
By Jeff Deyo

Artist: Jeff Deyo
Album: Unveil
Date: 2007
Song: Unveil


I know as I envision
Your never ending power
Your splendor is more
Than I can imagine

Iíve heard of Your perfections
But Iíve been blind to You
Open my eyes
Open my ears
Open my heart

Unveil my eyes
So I can see Your glory
Unveil my eyes
So I can know Youíre here
Youíre here

Your love, it overtakes me
And makes me who I am
As I am undone
In light of Your glory

Take apart this world
That I have made
Make this heart aware
Of more than me
Reveal to me the depths
Of who You are
And come and teach me like a child
To trust Your heart

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