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That Was Us Lyrics
By Randy Travis

Artist: Randy Travis
Album: Passing Through
Date: 2004
Song: That Was Us


Twenty dollars out of mama's purse
Bought us a tank of gas
And some Redman Tobacco
When we were just teenage kids.

Me and my old buddy Leroy
We'd go drivin' around
If there was trouble to be found
Oh, man we dang sure did.

Cuttin' donuts in the fields
So old man Smith would call the cops
He'd come runnin' out with his shotgun
'Cause we were runnin' down his crops

And I reckon he's still wonderin'
Who that was, but that was us.

Now some of these local boys moved on
But we never changed a bit
Never had a lick of sense
Least that's what some folks said.

Then finally we turned old enough
To buy our own beer
Don't remember much about that year
Juct lucky we ain't dead.

Somebody said they saw some boys
With a truck looked just like mine
Tryin' to pull down that old water tank
That sits out on the county line.

And people wonder why it leans
The way it does, that was us.

--- Instrumental ---

Seems like small towns never change
But things get tough when times get hard
They said when he got sick
Old man Smith would a lost that farm.

'Cause he was gettin' way behind
On all his bills
But somebody brought his crops in
From the field.

Yeah, and folks around here
Still wonder who that was.

That was us.

That was us.

That was us.

That was us.

That was us...

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