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In Two (The Lament) Lyrics
By Jennifer Knapp

Artist: Jennifer Knapp
Album: The Way I Am
Date: 2001
Song: In Two (The Lament)


Finish up your coffee, love
it's getting cold
let's finish up this fight tonight
before the sun draws neigh and I'm old

Have mercy on me I'm a girl
though I'm cruel and you cry
I won't shiver cause I know how to break a man
I know how to break a man in two

Still you're suffering, my love
o, who's to blame?
you might be tired, but I'm not through fighting the flame

o, by the tiding of my tounge
I lie and sing what can't be unsung
my soul torn in two by the things I say to you
by the things that I say

I know how to break us man, in two

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