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Need To Let Go Lyrics
By Jonah33

Artist: Jonah33
Album: The Strangest Day
Date: 2005
Song: Need To Let Go


It comes in like a flood
And shows off just the same
Never a warning
With no one to blame
And not even time can offer a remedy
Like a knife through my heart
A kiss to my face
Is your memory

Then I saw a face
And I swear it was you
And I miss you so much

Hey can you hear me
I need you to know
That if itís all right with you
I just need to let go
ĎCause time waits for no one
Life carries on
And Iíll never forget you
I just need to let go
I just need to let go

And youíll never find mercy
In the cycle of life
You canít bend the rules
ĎCause everyone dies
When my boy looks at me
Like I looked at you
Iíll be king of the world
If he loves me half as much
As I loved you

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