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Bring You Down Lyrics
By Justin McRoberts

Artist: Justin McRoberts
Album: Grace Must Wound...
Date: 2005
Song: Bring You Down


I was there while you lured the young and the beautiful
I was there as you striped them of all their worth
I was there when they paid you for tearing their souls apart
And then paid you to heal the hurt

I was there when you troubled the hearts of the helpless ones
I was there when you told them theyíd never heal
I was there when they gave up their dreams for your nothingness
And then opened the door to the lives youíd steal

So Iím going to be there when the bring you down

When you told the well fed that they still didnít have enough
And the strong to keep far from the helpless weak
When you drowned their compassion with the gifts their hearts most desired

I was there when you whispered those words in my fatherís ear
I was there the morning he didnít wake
But you have made me stronger, digging graves for the ones I love
So Iím going to be there when itís you they break

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