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You And I Lyrics
By Justin McRoberts

Artist: Justin McRoberts
Album: Grace Must Wound...
Date: 2005
Song: You And I


How 'bout you loving me as evidence of how good it can be
To share the life you're given with another soul?

How about the way we're moving on
As evidence of how the heart is stronger
When leaning in it's weakness on another heart?

You and I, we're going to be alright
Maybe even better than

How about the miles we have seen?
How about the blessing we have been?
How about forever, you and I

Better than just barely getting by
Better cuz we know that we're alive
Better cuz living like there's something here worth dying for

Better than we really even know
Better living fast than dying slow
Better cuz it's not quite what we wanted, no, it's even better

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