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Loveliest Bride Lyrics
By Rock N' Roll Worship Circus

Artist: Rock N' Roll Worship Circus
Album: A Beautiful Glow
Date: 2003
Title: Loveliest Bride


all of my love is a ribbon of scarlet
covers the head of the Loveliest Bride
come, come away...come with me tonight
followed by a train of the purest white
washing and kissing bringing to life

brighter than the sun
and sweeter than wine
non can compare to the loveliest bride
she is the very tear on My cheek
she is the only treasure I seek
she is My fragrant, My everything

great is the One who lays down His life
great is the Love of One who would die
just for the sake of the Loveliest Bride

"...come on and open me
...there's a beautiful glow for You to see."

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