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New Wave Revolution Lyrics
By Rock N' Roll Worship Circus

Artist: Rock N' Roll Worship Circus
Album: A Beautiful Glow
Date: 2003
Title: New Wave Revolution


you say you belong to our
useless wasted generation?
for too long everything from hell
has come to destroy our lives
it's time for you and I to re-arrange
this constitution
tonight Is the beginning of our
New Wave Revolution

"came and join with me"
revolution screams

you give me every broken dream,
I'll give you restoration
come and tradein all your hatred for
a brand new motivation
this Love Is all the power we need
to sound out a revelation
we join our hands and all agree tonight
for one thing...our salvation

revolution screams
" come and join with me"

"therefore, as we set sail, we aks
God's blessing on the most hazardous,
and dangerous, and greatest adventure
on which man has ever embarked."
(John F. Kennedy)

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