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Love Is Not Against The Law Lyrics
By Derek Webb

Artist: David Webb
Album: Mockingbird
Date: 2005
Title: Love Is Not Against The Law


(verse 1)
politics or love
can make you blind or make you see
make you a slave or make you free
but only one does it all

and itís giving up your life
for the ones you hate the most
itís giving them your gown
when theyíve taken your clothes

itís learning to admit
when youíve had a hand in setting them up
in knocking them down

love is not against the law
love is not against the law

(verse 2)
are we defending life
when we just pick and choose
lives acceptable to lose
and which ones to defend

Ďcause you cannot choose your friends
but you choose your enemies
and what if they were one
one and the same

could you find a way
to love them both the same
to give them your name


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