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Zeros & Ones Lyrics
By Derek Webb

Artist: David Webb
Album: Mockingbird
Date: 2005
Title: Zeros & Ones


(verse 1)
this was real
oh this was what youíve all come to see and feel
but iím starting to doubt my reality
Ďcause it does not last long
once the cash is gone

eventually all of this must become zeros and ones
everything, everywhere, everyone, zeros and ones

(verse 2)
iím in love
oh i love what i can convince you of
Ďcause iím a prophet by trade
and a salesman by blood
now iím dying just to be
a filtered, sub-cultural version of me


my blood is red
dripping on a page
if iím brave enough to cut myself
but the more it sells
it thins my blood


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