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I Am Nothing Lyrics
By Ginny Owens

Artist: Ginny Owens
Album: Without Condition
Date: 1999
Title: I Am Nothing


I could travel over oceans, cross
the deserts, climb the mountains
Just to share Your story, bring You
glory, and win souls for You.
I could sing like an angel, songs
so humble and so thankful
Full of drama and emotion, so the
world would know Your truth.
I could give away my money and my
clothes and my food
To restore those people who are
poor, lost, and down-and-out.
Oh, I could succeed at all these things,
Find favor with peasants and kings,
But if I do not love, I am nothing.

I could live a flawless life,
Never cheat or steal or lie,
And always speak so kindly, smile
warmly, and go about doing good.
I could dedicate myself to do what
everyone else wants me to-
Listen to them, compliment them,
say the things I should.
I could show up every Sunday, lead
the Choir and Bible Study
And they all might come to know me
as a leader and a friend.
Oh, I could achieve success on
Earth, but success cannot define my worth
And all these actions, all these
words, will not matter in the end-

Songs will fade to silence,
Stories, they will cease.
The dust will settle, covering all my selfless deeds.
So as I strive to serve You,
Won't You make it clear to me,
If I do not love, I am nothing.

If I cannot live my life loving my brother,
Then how can I love the One who lived His life for me?

Sent to Earth from Heaven,
Humble Servant, Holy King,
Come to share a story, get no glory,
and save my searching soul,
You knew that I'd deny You, crucify
You, but nothing could stop You from
living for me, dying for me, so that I would know-

Songs will fade to silence,
Stories will cease,
The dust will settle covering these selfless deeds.
But Your life here has made it clear enough for me to see
That if I do not love, I am nothing.

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