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I Wanna Be Moved Lyrics
By Ginny Owens

Artist: Ginny Owens
Album: Without Condition
Date: 1999
Title: I Wanna Be Moved


This road is winding, narrow and steep
And I can't keep walking with frozen feet,
My spirit is not willing;
My heart is cold as ice;
Thaw out my convictions;
The passion's left my life

I don't wanna be a flame
I wanna be a raging fire!
Tired of my will, my way,
Your calling's higher
Oh, I know it's time I stoppend running from the Truth
So I'll stand here still, until Im filled
I wanna be moved
I wanna be moved by You

Wanna be a rebel with a Holy cause,
Stand against the Devil and hold up my cross,
You have a mission for me; a reason why I'm heere,
To radiate Your glory, with sweet songs to Your ears

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