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Giver Of The Gift Lyrics
By Jonathan Pierce

Artist: Jonathan Pierce
Album: Santuary
Date: 2000
Title: Giver Of The Gift

Album tracks :   


We come from different places
We bring our different needs
Each one longing for the touch that sets us free
We kneel in our desperation
Who knew wed need such mercy
At the altar of One who gave His perfect Son

The Giver of the Gift, shine down on us now
Let us know the warmth of Your embracing love
Shower down on us a miracle that we can see
Bestower of peace, You knew that wed believe in
The Giver of the Gift

One heart longs for some hope,
One calls out for peace
All bring their searching hearts to the One who meets their need
Each one brings their deepest dream
Different yet the same
To each heart You offer life, by the beauty of His name

Repeat Chorus

Your thoughts werent of Yourself
But for our empty souls
So, You took Your very heart
And breathed hope into us all

Repeat Chorus
repeat chorus

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