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Your Place In The Sun Lyrics
By Jonathan Pierce

Artist: Jonathan Pierce
Album: Santuary
Date: 2000
Title: Your Place In The Sun

Album tracks :   


Sometimes you walk in darkness
with no direction known
But there's a voice inside
that keeps you moving on.
Sometimes you find your courage
when you have to stand alone
'Cause even the darkest night
will take you to the dawn
And when you step into the light
the shadows fall away.

Under a piece of heaven
Past where the rivers run
There's a place where your heart will dance
to the beat of a distant drum.
And if you keep on climbing
you'll reach the mountaintop
and you will finally come
To your place in the sun.

Sometimes the world seems frozen
people can turn so cold.
Oh, what you wouldn't give to have a hand to hold.
Somehow you find the strength
to let your demons go
That's when your faith comes shining
from deep inside your soul.
And when you step into the light
the ice will melt away.

repeat chorus

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