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A Place For Us Lyrics
By Kim Hill

Artist: Kim Hill
Album: The Fire Again
Date: 1997
Title: A Place For Us

Album list :   

  • Nothing But The Blood Medley
  • A Place For Us
  • Make A Joyful Noise
  • No One Like You
  • I Need To Know
  • Slip Away (Instrumental)
  • More
  • Only One You
  • Ruthless Perfection
  • I Can't Believe
  • Slip Away

There's a place for us
Where healing waters flow
Where peace will come
And love will grow
By a river of compassion
There's a house filled with love
Somewhere in His perfect grace
There's a place for us

When the world outside turns hard and cold
And from your eyes the tears overflow
When a golden chance slips right through your hands
And you've built your dreams on shifting sands
When the road that lies ahead seems so hard to find


There's a tree of life, branches reaching high
By a stream of hope that never runs dry
There's a home where shelter can be found
If you walk on faith to that higher ground
Down the road that lies ahead
New life's waiting there

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