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Only One You Lyrics
By Kim Hill

Artist: Kim Hill
Album: The Fire Again
Date: 1997
Title: Only One You

Album list :   

  • Nothing But The Blood Medley
  • A Place For Us
  • Make A Joyful Noise
  • No One Like You
  • I Need To Know
  • Slip Away (Instrumental)
  • More
  • Only One You
  • Ruthless Perfection
  • I Can't Believe
  • Slip Away

Verse 1

I see you walking around like
You've lost your way
When I ask you how you feel
You don't wanna say
Don't you know I love you
Don't you know how it hurts
To see you with your head so low
Like you don't know
What you're worth


There's only one sun
There's only one sky
There's only one Source
Of strength for my life
In all of the world
I know this is true
There's millions of souls
But only one you

Verse 2

When you look in the mirror
What is it you see
Wish you could see how beautiful
You are to me
Cause there's a treasure
Deep inside your soul
It's something no one else can give
Don't be afraid
To let it show

Chorus 2X

There is only one
There is only you
Only one you
There is only one
Only one you


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